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PPC Advertising Management in Toronto

Pay per click advertising is a great way to quickly bring potential customers to your website, and it is becoming a more effective way to advertise your products and services. With PPC management, the campaign can be designed in a way that puts your ads in front of targeted customers. Specific ad management will result in paying for ads that are only showing to people who are highly interested in the types of services that you have to offer.

Click through rates (CTR) are the measurement of how many online searches resulted in the click on your paid ad. Pay per click advertising is becoming more effective, because a higher number of people are clicking on the paid search results. For example, according to, in 2011 an average 4.8% of searchers clicked on the paid ad in the top position of the search results. Those numbers increased in 2012, when 11.1% of searchers clicked on the top paid ad in the results.

Imagine having that many searchers clicking on your ad, and visiting your website! Those website visitors can convert into sales, resulting in a boost of your business revenue. Every business should be using Google Adwords advertising, because it is an effective way to get your website in front of your target customers.

Effective Adwords management will help you to decrease the costs that you are spending on the ads, and improve the targeting for the campaigns that are running. On the other hand, if the campaign is managed incorrectly, it can result in higher click costs and more expensive campaigns. In some cases, the ads can even be removed by Google because they are not setup correctly.

In order to maintain an effective pay per click advertising campaign, the best approach is to work with a PPC management company who understand what it takes to run an effective campaign. At Express Lane Marketing, we have people on our staff who are Google certified, so they understand the exact formula for good Adwords management.

Our staff will setup the ads based on your target demographic, and we will monitor and maintain the ads on an ongoing bases to ensure productive advertising and cost-effective solutions.

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