16 Jun Search Engine Trends for 2015: Are You Keeping Up with the Changes?

When it comes to website search engine optimization, it is important to understand that the project is never complete. The search engine trends frequently change, which means that you need to keep up with these changes if you want to have on-going success with your website. SEO leaders will all agree that the strategies that are working in 2015 are very different than methods that were used over the past few years. Here are the top search engine trends for 2015 that you need to keep in mind:

1- Mobile Website Optimization

mobile-friendly-website-seoMore and more people are doing their internet searches via cell phone or tablet, and you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly to accommodate these people. In fact, Google made an announcement that sites might be penalized if they don’t offer a mobile version.
So, make sure that you have a mobile-friendly, responsive website that will adapt depending on the type of platform the reader is using. Too often, people get stuck on search engine optimization basics, and they forget about some of the technical details (such as mobile optimization) that will make a difference for their site.

2- Focus on Content Marketing

content-marketing-for-seoContent marketing should be the backbone of your search engine optimization because high-quality content marketing naturally increases the number of shares, links, and other social signals that impact your rankings. Look for ways to boost social media signals, and publish high-quality content that your customers will enjoy reading. Content marketing offers a way to build a relationship with your customers and increase your website ranking at the same time.

3- Publish Local Content

services-local-seo-services-on-lightOne of the growing trends is for the search engines to deliver hyper-local results, based on the location where the person is searching. By publishing hyperlocal content for your website, it is possible to increase the likelihood that your website will be found in these types of searches.
Make sure to include plenty of long-tail keywords to increase the chances of each website page to pop up in the search engines. If you talk with various search engine marketing services, you will see that many of these firms encourage the use of long-tail keywords because they have lower competition, and they are much easier to rank.

4- Leverage Multiple Forms of Online Publishing

content-creation-for-seoInstead of getting stuck in the rut of publishing the same type of content, make sure that you are sharing your message on many different platforms. For example, if you are mainly focused on blogging and article marketing, use that content to create documents that can be shared on download sites, turn the content into videos to publish to many video platforms, and make sure to publish the links on your social media profiles.
The goal is to create a natural publishing schedule to cast a wide net of influence in the industry. Some people spend their time reading articles while others spend their time watching videos. By using multiple platforms, you can reach people where they are spending their time online.

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