Using Adwords to Test Keywords for SEO

10 Apr Using Adwords to Test Keywords for SEO

Search engine marketing consists of two main strategies: paid advertising and organic rankings. Most business owners know that they want the organic rankings, because the natural search results are a great way to increase their website traffic. The problem is that search engine optimization isn’t as easy as it used to be, which means that you will need to dedicate a little more time and money for the site in order to achieve good search engine rankings.

How to Know if Your SEO Efforts Will Pay Off

Some business owners get so fixated on the fact that they want good search engine rankings that they don’t take the time to consider whether those rankings will pay off and make a different to their bottom line. Without proper keyword analysis and testing, the SEO campaign could produce subpar results. For most businesses, SEO can be a very valuable tool to use, but many websites approach SEO in the wrong way.

Usually, the mistakes are made in the keyword analysis process. For example, you might use a SEO keyword tool to find a few keywords for your SEO campaign, and then immediately start working to rank your website for those keywords that you found. After several months, your website might be ranking for those keywords, but the real question lies in whether those visitors are making purchases when they land on your website.

Don’t worry though, because there are ways to test the campaign before you spend all of your time and resources on a specific SEO campaign. Pay Per Click Marketing is a great way to test the waters before you begin an SEO campaign, allowing you to see which keywords convert the most effectively.

How to Use Pay Per Click Marketing for Keyword Testing

If you plan to use pay per click marketing to test your keywords, there are a few steps that you should follow:

First, do your keyword analysis using a trusted SEO keyword tool. Once you have a list of potential keywords, group those keywords with other related keywords. Then, you can use those keywords as groups in your Adwords account, and begin running paid advertising to those keywords in order to see which keywords have the best performance.

The advantage to using pay per click marketing before starting a search engine optimization campaign is the fact that you can identify the best performing keywords, and then put your time and resources into the keywords that will produce the most sales for your company. It makes sense to spend your marketing budget on the keywords that will give you the most leverage for the money that is being spent, and this testing process helps you to identify that information.

Testing Will Make or Break Your Campaign

Remember that you shouldn’t only be focusing on the clicks that you receive for your pay per click marketing campaign, because you also need to pay attention to the conversion rates for each of those keywords. There are specific tracking tools that you can use in order to determine the exact sources of traffic which are bringing sales to your website.

Look for higher converting keywords, and then consider the traffic levels of those keywords in order to determine if it is worth the effort to spend money on that search engine optimization campaign. This testing process can be invaluable, because it allows you to test the waters before move forward with the search engine optimization campaign.