16 Apr Effective Steps to Rebrand Your Company Via Social Media

It can be a time consuming process to rebrand your company through social media, but it can also be very effective. If you are looking to create a new brand for your company, then social media should be a key element to your online campaign. Many current and potential customers spend a lot of time on social media websites, which means that these platforms can help you to achieve fast results with your rebranding campaign.

Should You Rebrand Your Online Business?

Should You Rebrand Your Online BusinessMany online business owners are worried about the idea of rebranding their company, because they don’t want to lose the relationship that has already been established with current customers. If your company has been online for awhile, couldn’t it potentially hurt sales if you rebrand?

The truth is that social media branding and rebranding isn’t as hard as you think. In fact, these strategies can be effective tools to use for online reputation management, to help you develop a stronger reputation for your company. Many online businesses that implement a rebranding campaign come out stronger after the rebranding is complete.

More Than Simply Changing Names

If you are considering a rebranding campaign for your company, it is important to understand that this process is a lot more than simply changing the names on your social media accounts. There are several specific strategies that should be followed, in order to help your customers and followers catch the vision of the new brand.

One of the most critical factors to this process is to make sure that you start early, because it can take some time to get everything switched over. Too often, businesses change their website name but forget about changing the name on their social media accounts, and find themselves rushing to get the social media accounts to match the main website.

As you are planning ahead, talk with your website designers in order to have them develop new social media images to upload to your account. For example, you will need updated logos, profile images, cover photos, and background photos for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and any other social media website that you might be utilizing.

Changing Your Social Media Handle

Most websites allow social media branding, so you can select a handle that goes well with your company name and brand. If you have been involved in social media marketing for awhile, then you probably know that there are usually a few hoops that you have to jump through before the names are changed.

social-media-for-businessFor example, most social media accounts don’t allow you to simply log in and change the name whenever you want to make an adjustment. Sometimes you might need to get approval in order to make the name change, which means that you might need to show the new branded website as well as any other information that might be requested. Facebook is an example of a social media website that requires a lot of information for social media rebranding. They might ask for things such as the marketing documentation, proof that you own the new branded domain name, and possibly trademark information about the new brand.

Alignment in Marketing Strategy

As you are planning your social media branding, make sure that you have a specific plan put together which outlines the steps that will be taken in order to manage the brand on all social media platforms. For online reputation management, you want to be sharing a consistent message in all locations, so you will need to be sure that published content (such as images, videos, etc.) are all aligned with the company goal.

It is a good idea to put together a publication calendar, which will help to generate relevant information and keep you on track with consistent publishing. By following this schedule, you can have the same information is shared on all platforms, to help your customers understand the messages that you are sharing.

If you aren’t familiar with social media rebranding, then it is a good idea for you to talk with an online marketing consultant who can help to execute the process. Their experience will be invaluable to make it easy and effective to change the brand of your company online.