18 Apr Why Facebook PPC is a Great Option for Local Marketing

If you are spending marketing money on pay per click, then it is important that you are looking for additional ways to optimize the campaigns in order to reduce click costs and target your demographic more effectively. Facebook marketing might be one of the most effective ways to dial in your demographic targeting, because you can specify details about the target audience that might not be available on other paid marketing platforms. If you aren’t already using Facebook ads to reach out to people in your local area, then now is the best time to get started.

Facebook vs. AdWords

facebook-vs-adwordsWith AdWords adverting, all of your ads are placed based on relevant keywords and related keywords. It can be beneficial to work on keyword advertising, especially when you know the specific keywords that your customers are looking for. On the other hand, Facebook isn’t keyword focused, because you setup your ad placement based on demographic.

One of the advantages to location focused Facebook ads instead of AdWords is the fact that you can choose a specific region where you want the ads to show. When this information is paired with other demographic details, you can target the ideal customer for your product.

For example, with Facebook marketing, you might select a specific city or state where you would like the ads to show, and include other information such as the age, gender, marital status, and other interest of the people who will be viewing the ads. There are many demographic features that you can choose from with Facebook paid marketing, making it easier for your ideal customer to see the ads that you are placing.

Why Targeting Matters

TargetYou might be wondering why it matters to dial in the targeting for your ads, and the main reason is because you can increase the effectiveness of the ads and decrease the amount of money that you are spending. The more you dial in your demographic, the cheaper the advertising costs will be, because you can cut out the unwanted advertising to people who don’t fit within your specific criteria.

It doesn’t make sure to simply blast a Facebook ad to a large, untargeted audience, because you will literally be wasting your money on that particular advertising campaign. When these types of ads are placed, you might see a temporary increase in the amount of website traffic that you are receiving, but those people will likely leave the website very quickly, since they are not finding the products that they are looking for.

Just because you are cutting your ad cost, doesn’t mean that you will be decreasing the number of targeted customers that you will be able to reach. In fact, some companies find that they can dial in the customer demographics, decrease the overall ad spending, and improve their ROI on the advertising campaign at the same time.

How to Implement a Facebook Marketing Campaign

There are several steps that should be followed with your Facebook marketing campaign, and for best results you should consider talking with an online marketing consultant in order to make sure you are handling your Facebook marketing correctly.

First of all, make sure that you understand the goal for your Facebook marketing campaign. Are you trying to build a bigger email list of potential customers? Or are you trying to sell more units of a specific product in your store? Maybe you want to make an announcement about an upcoming sale, or encourage people to tell their friends about the products that they enjoy. Take some time to think about the goal of the ad, so that you can structure the ad in a way that will help you to meet the end result that you desire.

Next, setup the Facebok ad and start split-testing. Keep in mind that split-testing is one of the most effective ways to maximize your spend on Facebook, because it helps you to increase the number of clicks that you are getting. Split test different factors such as the image that is used in the ad, the text for the ad, and the landing page after the person clicks on the ad. All of these things can affect the success of your Facebook paid marketing campaign, because they can impact your action rate and conversion rates.