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First impressions matter, and you can lose potential customers if you don’t have a good web design for your business. A poor quality website can result in the wrong branding, because customers will make a judgment about the company based on the way the website looks. An elegant website gives them a sense that quality service and products are offered, and it allows you to create the right brand for your company.

If you don’t have a website for your customers to visit, then you are losing out on potential sales. According to Forrester Research, $1.1 trillion retail sales were influenced by the internet in 2011. This trend is increasing, and it is estimated that 46% of retail sales in the United States were influenced by internet research in 2012. These statistics help you to understand that consumers need a quality website to visit in order to make their buying decisions.

When hiring a company to take care of your web design, there are a few factors that need to be considered. Putting together a quality website is more than creating a pretty site to look at, because there are a lot of important factors that need to happen behind the scenes.

For example, the best type of responsive website design should be built on a Content Management System (CMS), which influences many other aspects of online marketing. At Express Lane Marketing, our preference is to use WordPress, which is a CMS that can be used to create beautiful, optimized websites. WordPress is the winning solution, because it makes it easy to manage your online content, each page can be setup in a way to maximize on-page optimization for SEO purposes, and the platform is adjustable in order to create a responsive web design.

Have you ever tried to access a website on your phone, and that website didn’t have a mobile webdesign? A standard, non-responsive web design requires a lot of manipulation on the phone screen in order to read the content on the website. It’s basically like trying to fit an entire computer screen onto the few inches of phone screen that you have. On the other hand, responsive web design can be integrated into your website, which allows the design to automatically adjust to the screen size. If you view the website on a mobile device, then the mobile webdesign will allow the customer to easily see the content that is available.

Additionally, using the right website platform can drastically affect your website’s ability to rank in the search engines. Major search engines, like Google, look at factors such as how long it takes the page to load and how long the website visitors stay on your site. So, these factors need to be considered in the website design. Contact us today to discuss the web design possibilities for your business.

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