Website Maintenance

Many small business owners don’t realize how much work it can be to maintain a website after the site is designed. The assumption is that once the website design is complete, everything is done– and no more work is required. But, this assumption is false, because there are many aspects of website maintenance that need to be considered on an ongoing basis.

One of the most important reasons for website maintenance is to avoid data breach from a website hack. It has been said that three out of every four people will have their information compromised online at some time in their lives, and good website maintenance can help to protect your business website from these types of online breaches.

Each time the website is maintained, the Content Management System (CMS) needs to be updated, as well as updating any additional plug-ins that are being used. These tools have ongoing updates in order to maintain good website security and improve the functions of the website.

Additionally, an essential aspect of a website maintenance plan should include backing up the content on the site. From time to time, a website hosting company may have problems, and if the server goes down then there is the possibility of losing the website design and content. On the other hand, a regular backup provides the peace of mind that a broken site can easily be fixed. If a problem occurs, the backup data can be used to quickly restore the website to the original design.

Monthly website traffic reports are beneficial for your online marketing strategy, because those reports provide details about the sources of website traffic and the conversion that is occurring on the website. When these reports are analyzed on a regular basis, you can make adjustments to optimize your online marketing campaign in order to focus on the things that are bringing in the most visitors.

Some business owners think that they can maintain their website without professional help, which often results in problems with the website as well as missed opportunities to bring more customers to the website. A person who doesn’t understand the technical details of updating and maintaining the website system, may inadvertently break the website… resulting in the need to redesign the entire site once again. Proper maintenance is the best way to ensure that your website is always functioning and effective for the customers who are visiting your website, and working with a qualified company such as Express Lane Marketing is the best way to take care of monthly website maintenance needs.